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String-Resources in WinRT (.RESW)

1) Create a Resource file (Resources.resw) in your project.

2) Add Keys and Values
key1 => Value for Key Nr. 1
key2.Text => Value for Key Nr. 2 and Property Text


3) Access the resources 

Use String-Resources from Code

var rl = new ResourceLoader();
var value1 = rl.GetString("key1");
var value2 = rl.GetString("key2/text");


Use String-Resources in XAML

<TextBlock x:Uid="key2" Text="Default Text" />


4) Support for different languages

Add a Resource-Folder (e.g. "strings")

Add Folders for each language (e.g. "en", "de", "it")

Add a Resources.resw-File into this folders


5) Multiple Files

To access strings from the file Errors.resw use this

new ResourceLoader("Errors")


<TextBlock x:Uid="/Errors/key2" Text="Default Text" />


6) Resources in DLL-Projects

If you want to use a DLL project specific Resources.resw you must specify this

var rl = new ResourceLoader("Dll.Project.Namespace/Resources);

"Dll.Project.Namespace" must be replaced with the real DLL namespace.




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